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Here you will find anything related to lifestyle that you can think of. This section contains What I Eat videos, Vlogs, Adventures that I go on and so on and so forth! I hope you all enjoy this section because this is actually my favorite section to add to because TBH, it's my life and I love sharing it with you guys.

There are a lot of people out there who are thinking about transitioning into a vegan/vegetarian/plantbased lifestyle and/or diet and they are afraid they’d be ridiculed by those who practice and live a strict vegan diet and/or lifestyle. I'm here to tel and show you, IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE PERFECT. IT'S OKAY TO HAVE TEMPTATIONS and GIVE IN...sometimes. Not everyone can transition or change their lifestyle so drastically over night. We've been conditioned to believe and crave animal byproducts because that's what we were brought up on. We never thought differently than what we've been thought for years and many generations before us. Although, there are some amazingly willful people out there who have been able to transition into this vegan/vegetarian/plantbased lifestyle overnight, I am not one of them. I was a strict vegan for almost 2 years and after a while I decided, "you know what, I'm doing a lot better than others around me. So, as long as decreasing my negative impact on the world, then f*** anyone else who tries to tell me otherwise." I understand this lifestyle can cause a LOT of ups and downs with friendships, relationships and just in your overall life. Trust me, I've been there. Trying to find the balance with everything is all trial and error and that’s how I’ve been learning.

Maybe your end goal is to be vegan or maybe your end goal is just to live a more ethical life. Whatever it is, it's your journey and nobody can tell you how to live it. So live the way you want, as long as you're not hurting or harming other's....uhh duhhh.