TSW / MW Recovery and Treatment

Week 1 : 4/22/2019 - 4/28/2019

Some of you may or may not know, but I’ve suffered from eczema since birth. As a child I suffered so badly that I would wear scarves and such to cover my skin from the elements because even a slight breeze would make my skin sting. If you’ve ever suffered from dry skin I bet you could only imagine what a shower felt like. My eczema got so bad that I was put on a Hydrocortisone cream, which switched to an ointment to help moisturize the area more. You know what, as a child I noticed it actually didn’t work very well.

That leads me today. My eczema is pretty much gone for the most part. I just have small flare ups every once in a while. But I’ve had this one spot on my face that literally won’t go away. It’s been truckin along for about a year now. I’m not sure if it’s because I started eating dairy, eggs and seafood again but that could be partially the problem. I have used my steroid ointment a few times on it but it didn’t make my skin feel better so I haven’t used it since those last few times.

Yesterday, I came across a term called “Moisture Withdrawal”. I started reading up on it and though, “Maybe this is me! Maybe I should try this!”. So here we are today, day one of this whole experiment to let my skin heal naturally on its own.

Basically what you do is either wean off of using moisturizers or stop altogether to allow your body to acclimate and produce the cells and such it needs to, to protect your body from the elements. If you use moisturizers daily and very frequently you’re creating a false environment where your body thinks it doesn’t need to produce cells and skin to protect you for the current elements you are in. Dr. Obagi from the Refinery article believes, “skin gets addicted to replacement moisture and stops supplying its own hydration from within the body.” I am choosing to wean off of moisturizers. Mines not too bad, so I think once the redness has gone away, I will completely cut moisturizers on my face altogether. They say you should start seeing results within 3-6 weeks.

In addition to this, I will be implementing some of the Medical Medium Protocol’s to see if it’ll help at all. They say that eczema is not a skin condition, it’s something the stems from what you are putting in your body. There is something you’re consuming that is causing this reaction.

Here are some of the articles and blog posts that I browsed over last night.







On Eczema




Day 1:

    - Morning: Washed face for work, applied a little bit of Daily Oil from Khiels.
    - Night: Sprayed with diluted ACV, washed face with water in shower, applied Night Khiels
    - Symptoms: skin is itchy, tight, dry, red, cracking, elephant skin and rough.
    - Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times
    - Diet: 80 oz lemon infused water, multi-vitamin, 2 chaga supplements, apple, mini twix, almond milk with granola, back to nature spinach & roasted, garlic crackers, roasted chickpeas, 2 burritos (rice, mixed greens, thai sauce, chili beans, avocado), smoked salmon, sour cream and onion chips
    - Reflection: It didn’t seem that bad. I was just embarrassed to for anyone to see me. My skin looks scaly, it’s cracking and you couldn’t tell it was too dry until you looked close. It’s cracking and stings. My addiction to moisturize is killing me and the extent of my moisturizing is just spritzing some water every now and then because I figured that’s better than using anything with a label. It hurts to eat because if I move my mouth it’ll cause the area around my mouth to crack and that stings. I needed bananas to make banana bread for a potluck tomorrow at work and didn’t want to go to the store, thankfully Ryan was kind enough to do so for me. Ughs IDK if I want to go to work like this, but I have to. How do people do this??

Day 2: (photo)

    - Morning:Sprayed with diluted ACV, washed face for work, applied a little bit of Night Khiels.
    - Night: Sprayed with diluted ACV, patted down with napkin
    - Symptoms: skin is itchy, very tight, dry, red, cracking, elephant skin, stings and rough.
    - Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times
    - Diet: 80 oz lemon infused water, multi-vitamin, 2 chaga supplements, honeycrisp apple, honeydew, half slice of vegan banana bread, thai noodles with veggies, smoked salmon, rice, potatoes
    - Reflection: We have a potluck at work today. I have the worst sweet tooth and it’s taking everything of me not to munch on something. I came prepared with an apple, plum and a honeydew to snack on till I’m done with work. I normally fast all day and eat when I get home. Trying to stay away from foods that will hinder my treatment. My skin is cracking and flaking more, not nearly as much as everyone’s photos I have been seeing but I can see it’s starting. I’ve been reading it’s a good sign. It makes sense. My body is scabbing over that area on my face and from what I remember from science and biology, you body scabs to create a shield for your. My skin looks more and more like elephant skin and it’s starting to become crusty and peel today. I’m doing everything I can not to move or stretch my mouth. This is the start of my confidence slowly diminishing as each day of this treatment passes. I’m hoping this will go away quickly since I haven’t really been using topical steroids. I do use my inhaler every once in awhile which does have steroids, but even that I don’t use very frequently either. I was feeling very self conscious about the skin on my face and luckily I have an amazing best friend who I fortunately work with that reassured me it’s not as bad as I think it is. I’m setting up an appointment to see a naturopath. I want to get my blood and allergies tested because it’ll help me understand my body more.

Day 3: (photo)

    - Morning:Sprayed with diluted ACV, washed face for work
    - Night: Washed face with water
    - Symptoms: skin is itchy, very tight, dry, flaky, cracking, elephant skin, stings and rough.
    - Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times
    - Diet: 40 oz lemon infused water, 40 oz water, honeycrisp apple, honeydew,
    - Reflection: Last night I picked at my skin, so that’s why it started stinging more. I tried to only pick parts that would easily come off, but that’s also part of my addiction. I’m a scab picker. I love picking scabs. Today my face feels more dry. The dryness has moved to the edges of my lips. It doesn’t look as bad as yesterday, but feels just as tight. I can see the new healthy layer of skin under. I’m wondering if it’ll shed too because I was picking at it. Didn’t get much sleep last night. It was my night to stay with my grandma so I don’t think my skin was able to regenerate as it should have last night as the blog post from Tokuko stated that our skin regenerate most during our sleep from 10-2 so it’s best to make sure we’re in a deep sleep during that time.

Day 4: (photo)

    - Morning: Washed face for work
    - Night: Sprayed with diluted ACV
    - Symptoms: skin very tight, dry, flaky, cracking, elephant skin, stings, moderately itchy
    - Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times
    - Diet: 40 oz lemon infused water, 40 oz water, multi-vitamin, 2 chaga supplements, honeycrisp apple,
    - Reflection: I noticed if I don’t move the area that is flaring up I am fine. It’s like allowing the scab to scab over completely without disturbing it. It also feels better if I don’t move the area. If I do, that’s when all the problems occur. Itchiness, cracking, flaking all that jazz.I also have found it’s so much easier for me to keep it this way if I am just home alone. Not around anyone, not at work. I’m more tempted to pick and move the area. I have also been eating less just because I don’t want to cause my skin to stretch and break the scabs open, so I can only open my mouth a little. I have been avoiding all foods that can cause irritation or flare ups, maybe that is helping my skin heal faster. My skin looks a lot better today. Just tight a little flaky, but it looks better than the last few days. It’s a huge scab, but it seems like it’s getting better.

Day 5: (photo)

    - Morning: Washed face with water
    - Night: Did not wash face - too tired/lazy
    - Symptoms: skin very tight, dry, flaky, cracking, elephant skin, stings, moderately itchy mostly lip area
    - Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times, sun/walk
    - Diet: 40 oz lemon infused water, 40 oz water, multi-vitamin, 2 chaga supplements, 3 honeycrisp apple, fried foods, blackbean paste fat rice noodles with celery, carrots. Bulgogi marinated trumpet mushrooms with black mushrooms, skitaake mushrooms, celery, ginger, carrots, cabbage. Veggie Dumplings from asian store (has soy). Few macadamia banana bread bites (hug/hershey kiss chocolate covered). Lots of cornics.
    - Reflection: My face is a lot better today. The spreading has seemed to consolidate to one area mostly. I’m constantly picking my lips though. It’s a bad habit that I’m still learning to break. I also went on a walk around Eagle Beach to find the  3rd cabin (marteen) and found it. Took ace with me. It was good to get some vitamin D and fresh air in my system. I ate a lot of only foods I wasn’t supposed to and I hope my body doesn’t hate me for it in a couple days. They say your body shows reactions to what you did to it a few days later so we will see how my body reacts to these foods I’ve been eating less of for the elimination diet.

Day 6: (photo)

    - Morning: Washed face with water
    - Night: Washed face with water
    - Symptoms: skin tight, dry, flaky, cracking, elephant skin on lips, stings (lips), moderately itchy
    - Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times, sun/walk
    - Diet: 40 oz lemon infused water, 40 oz water, multi-vitamin, 2 chaga supplements, 2 honeycrisp apple, mandarin, costco double chocolate chip muffin, banana, cornics, longanisa, mushroom stir fry and rice from yesterday. Marinara sub with mozzarella cheese, Pizza with mushrooms, oil arugula, garlic and pesto sauce. brazilian nut,
    - Reflection: My skin feels better today. It's mostly just scabs around my lips. The problem area on my face has minimized, it’s a little irritated today. Cracking and dry but not to the same extent it was before. Ate some food I should be eliminated today, but we all have our weakness and are learning. Sooo we’ll see how my body reacts. I also at longaniza today because I saw there was some… I cooked it. I was craving it so bad and I’m a terrible person for doing it. I’m going to see if I can marinade the trumpet mushrooms the same as longanisa or tocino. If I can ,then I’ll be set! No more temptations! Went on a walk to day to brotherhood with Ace and Loki. We took the old way, unpaved. It was nice and refreshing. It’s also nice to see my skin getting better on its own. I can’t wait until my skin is back to normal. I think I’m going to go back to my OG skincare routine. NOTHING! I literally used to just use water. Nothing else. Just water.

Day 7: (photo)

- Morning: Washed face with water
- Night: Washed face with water
- Symptoms: skin tight, dry, flaky, cracking, elephant skin on lips, moderately itchy, red
- Remedy: Splash of water on face 3 times, sun/walk
- Diet: 40 oz water, multi-vitamin, 2 chaga supplements, honeycrisp apple, banana, plum, reese’s egg. Tofurky Italian Sausage on a bun with avocado, cornics, brazilian nut, 3 pieces of combo, grilled veggies with rice and my thai ginger sauce.
- Reflection: Woke up today debating if I wanted to go to work today because my skin felt really itchy. I tried not to touch my face where it was itchy because I knew it would tear my skin, make it irritated and create redness but couldn’t help myself. I went into work. It’s still itch. Face is still tight, flakey and cracking like it was before but not as bad. It’s a relief to know it’s getting better. I just need to be better about not touching my face/problem areas because I keep picking the scabs off and I know this is causing my recovery to be prolonged. I picked the scabs and dry skin around my mouth all day yesterday so my lips are really raw dry and scabby today. We had people over to grill and had to explain what was wrong with my face so they wouldn’t ask questions. It gets a little irritating when people try to tell me what I need to do for my skin when they don’t have the problem, so they don’t know what I’m going through or what I really need to do. I’ve grown up with this my whole life and I’ve noticed when I start taking other people's advice about how to take care of my skin that’s when I start experiencing issues. If I just stick to what I know best, I would be fine. I think that stems back to wanting to please everything and also fit into a mold. My body isn’t like everyone else. My body, I’ve noticed, likes to be as natural as possible. I’ve never needed face washes or anything like that. I never used to shower every single day until I started listening to people about how to take care of my body when I moved back home.

End Review

If you’re going to attempt this, depending on your situation and severity of your eczema, I would highly suggest taking a week off to just be along and allow yourself to heal without distractions and the stress of our surroundings. I wish I had done that, but I still managed. I am sharing my experience, and I am not a professional or anything. Just want to share my experience to hopefully help some of you who have searched high and low for a remedy. Hopefully my experience will give you some insight on what to expect and help you on your journey. The pictures don’t do what my skin looked like in person justice. In pictures, I feel like my skin looks better than it really did.

The first week was extremely hard. I didn’t want to be around anyone at all. I felt embarrassed about how I looked. I didn’t want to be seen by anyone. I didn’t want people to see me like this. The pain was terrible. I didn’t. My problem area around my mouth became a huge scab to the point where if I made ANY type of movement to stretch my skin or break the scab. I was in main. My skin felt and looked straight up like elephant skin. It felt like elephant skin. It was so rough, tender, red, itchy and flakey. One thing I didn’t experience like others was that I didn’t go through any oozing like other people I’ve read about. But that maybe due to the fact that I rarely use topical steroids now and my eczema was contained to this one general area for the most part. It’s true they say you grow out of it, I think that’s only to an extent. I used to have terrible eczema and now it’s manageable for the most part. But when I have breakouts. I will have breakouts that BREAK THE FUCK OUT, as you saw. One thing I can definitely say is my skin is getting better. The ugliness and the pain is worth it. It’s teaching me to have self control when it comes to this stuff. It’s teaching me to be more mindful of what I consume. Now with that….you see I made a lot a no nos. I ate animal products a few times. Not happy about it. In fact I’m extremely disappointed in myself, but instead of hiding it, I’m sharing it with you all so you all can get something out of this. I missed logging food for days 3 & 4, but I just ate plant based foods. I actually was following very strictly not to consume anything that cause eczema flare ups. I started testing vegan longanisa marinades again. Hopefully I’ll find something cuz it’s been a 1.5 years since I’ve had longanisa and I broke that steak this week. Now to work on 2 years. We’re making progress with both on my vegan and eczema journey all the time.

Stay tuned for next weeks update!


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