Camp Freedom - Point Bridget Trails


I just found out about this place recently as friends were posting Instagram pictures up the wazoo so I had to make an adventure out of it since I had yet to find this beautiful view overlooking the beautiful Lynn Canal (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

I'll be honest. I decided to leave work early this day just to take advantage of the weather because living in Juneau, Alaska you're living in a rainforest where sunny days can be somewhat of a rarity. Especially during the winter seasons. Missing work was well worth it and I didn't have much to work on because I like to be sure I'm caught up ahead of the timeline allotted to process my paperwork, so that means more free time for me!

Once you find the trail head, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the nets that are strung up about 10-15 feet high by ropes wrapped around the trees. Think of it somewhat as a huge hammock (there was also a hammock tied above the nets as well. As you walk along this trail you will find arrows on trees and flags tied to braches to help indicate you are on following the correct path. Don't be discouraged if you don't follow the trail completely because I actually ended up walking off the beaten trail and found it all basically leads to the same place....but don't take my word for it, I might have just gotten lucky. Along the trail you will enter and pass through two alcoves of water, which are great for camping and two cabins. Once you pass these it'll be about 10 more minutes until you reach your destination.

Ps...the trail doesn't end at the nets, if you'd like to continue on the trail past the nets for about another 30 minutes  you will reach a public cabin that is open to anyone and I believe this one is first come for serve. I plan to come back and plan a camping trip at this cabin in the near future as the view opens up to another private cove where you can go fishing if you feel inclined. There is also a fire pit, outhouse, picnic table, kitchen and wood fire stone for convenience.

If you ever visit this trail, be sure to check out the books and notebooks left behind for people to leave their mark. Look for a note from Krista, Anh and Melvin on February,26,2017 in the most recent journal to see the mark we left behind :)


  • 2.5 mi Head North on Egan Drive
  • 25.6 mi Turn left to say on AK-7 / Glacier Hwy / Veterans Memorial Hwy
  • Around Mile 37 you will find a parking lot on your left for off for cars to park. This is where the trail head starts.
  • If you've gone past a sign that says "Point Bridget" you have gone to far. Turn back and look for the first pull off/parking lot now on our right