Valentines Day Dinner


So this Valentines Day we decided to make dinner with some friends. I love doing this because this allows me to show people that you don't have to give up good food on a plant based/vegan diet! It also allows me to gain a different perspective and see what others think of my food because let's be honest, we're all bias to our own food. We think we're all Gordon Ramsey, Alex Guarnaschelli or some other amazing chef or Top Chef. 

For dinner I decided to stick to a Spanish theme. So, with that said, I chose to make enchiladas, refried beans and spanish rice with the help of my Sioux Chef Precious. Neither of us have ever made this before none the less make a Spanish themed dinner lol. AND! We made everything from scratch....pretty much. Check out my latest video to see how we created this divine dinner that fed 5 hungry and satisfied bellies. Let me know what you think and be sure to subscribe to my channel with stay up-to-date with my creations and lifestyle :)